Our youngest students follow the Early Years curriculum, with a significant emphasis on play, early childhood development and interpersonal skills. They progress onto KS1 and then KS2, where the National Curriculum of England underpins the learning with adjustments made to suit our local context and international culture.

As students progress onto Secondary, they have the choice of entering either the British Section, for a 2-year KS3 programme, followed by the commencement of GCSE/IGCSE courses and on to AS/A Levels, or they can embark on a 2-year Middle School Programme followed by 4-year High School Diploma Programme in our American curriculum Section. At the completion of Year 10/Grade 10 students can pursue graduation via our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme section if they prefer. All pathways lead to graduation and enable our students to access universities of their choosing, commensurate with their attested abilities.

Curriculum Map