Graduation Ceremony Class of 2020

Graduation Ceremony
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Graduation Ceremony
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Graduation Ceremony
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Graduation Ceremony
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Our beloved Mrs Sawsan Dajani, Chairman of the Board of Directors, sends a message of love and pride to all students from MES Cairo's Class of 2020 on the eve of their Drive-thru Graduation ceremony.... We cannot wait to see you all tomorrow night ⭐️

As excitement builds for Thursday's Drive-thru Graduation we have a special message for the Graduates of 2020 from our Managing Director, Ms Ghada Dajani...

To our Graduates of 2020...tonight is your night... We start our drive-thru graduation ceremony with a special message from Mrs Nicola Singleton, School Director... Watch live at:

Mrs Linda Talbot, Head of our British Secondary Section, is also looking forward to our Drive-thru Graduation on Thursday evening and wishes to acknowledge the positive memories that students of the Class of 2020 leave as their legacy...

Time now for a few words from our American Section Prinicipal, Mrs Dodie Pfeil, to our Graduates of 2020...

Ms Clingan has worked tirelessly to support our Graduates of 2020 with their UK university plans. She has a few words to share with them as we prepare for their very special drive-thru graduation event...

Mr Cranston's message to our Graduates of 2020...

Ms Sheehan wears many hats at this year's drive-thru graduation: a teacher, a coordinator and a Mother. Her message to the Graduates of 2020 is full of pride for what you have acheieved and how much you have grown...


Modern English School Cairo is not just an "Outstanding" school; it is a 'home away from home' for all who work, study and spend most of the hours of the day here learning and contributing to the lives of others. When you walk through our gates, turn the pages of our publications or browse through our social media, I hope you will sense the familial atmosphere that is evident in our daily lives. In my long years of experience, generations of students have come through these doors and graduated and grown to become young men and women of whom I am extremely proud. Many of them are now parents themselves and have entrusted us with their own children. This is the legacy which carries us through the years and which will lead us to the future. I hope you enjoy your experience with us and feel free to learn more about our ever-growing family.

Chairman of the Board
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