Modern English School Cairo offers a dynamic and vibrant learning environment where members of the school community feel cared for, challenged and inspired! We are regarded as a top contender in international education in Egypt and the MENA region, maintaining a reputation for providing quality educational opportunities for our students for almost three decades. With 2200 students from EYFS to the completion of Secondary school, most of our students are with us for their 14-year journey then leave us to take up places at some of the best universities around the world, including the UK, US, Canada and Egypt. Our purpose is to prepare future generations of leaders through an enriched curriculum which balances academic, creative and social development of the individual. We boast a teaching community of 165 properly qualified teachers, capitalising on their varied professional and life experiences to inform an approach to teaching that best suits our context, our learners and our purpose. Our school campus is well-equipped and generously resourced; specialist classrooms and outdoor areas provide learning environments which are conducive to authentic engagement. MES Cairo is an 'outstanding' school and we have much to be proud of: our past, our present and our future.

School Director