Primary Art

In the Primary School, the subjects Art and Design and Craft Design Technology are taught by our own , Art Specialist, in a purpose-built department, and in the classrooms by the class teachers. Years 1, 5 and 6 are taught by the specialist until February, and then Years 2, 3 and 4. In this way, over 900 children from Years 1 to 6 can be taught every week throughout the year. The children learn a range of skills including drawing, painting, collage, 3D, printmaking, textiles, digital media, food technology and mechanisms and structures. These skills are taught within the QCA topics listed, and are linked wherever possible to MES Cairo’s creative curriculum 'Curriculum Diversity' themes taught by the class teachers throughout the year. This encourages the children to immerse themselves further in their learning experience. Curriculum links help to develop the children's creativity and imagination, and they foster a wide range of important skills. Within their Art lessons, the children are encouraged to practise the following skills:

- Exploration of the formal elements of Art: line, tone, colour, shape, form, texture and pattern.
- Exploration of their feelings and emotions, and their responses to their own and others' artwork.
- Vocabulary- the children regularly discuss and evaluate their own and others' work which helps improve their spoken English.
- Taking pride in their work- the children are encouraged to complete work to a high standard and improve it whenever possible.
- Researching and recording; ICT and other reference sources are used for research, and sketchbooks, to record progress.
- Teamwork- group activities help children understand the importance of cooperation and value the role others can play.
- An understanding of the importance of Art in everyday life.
- An awareness and appreciation of their environment and the health of our planet.
- An awareness of the contributions made by past, present and future artists and designers.
- Using equipment effectively and safely.

The Primary School offers a wide variety of Art-based extra-curricular activities for our children. The children also have the opportunity to enter regular competitions based on an Art theme.



Upcoming Events

Wednesday 13th March
Y8 GP Enterprise Celebration Event

Thursday 14th March
Secondary Sports Day

Sunday 17th March
World Book Day
Y6 Cyprus Parents’ Info Meeting

Sunday 17th to Tuesday 19th March
DP12 Oral Exams

Sunday 17 to Thursday 21st March
FS1 Family Week
Tuesday 19th March
DP11 AUC Visit – 8.30am-2.00pm
Wednesday 20th March
24 Hour Run

Thursday 21st March
FS1 Mothers’ Day/24 Hour Run Finale

Sunday 24th March

Sunday 24th March
Whole School Production Rehearsal

Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th March
Whole School Production

Wednesday 27th to Thursday 28th March
DP12 Final TOK Presentations

Thursday 28th March
Primary and Y7-9 and DP11 Term 2 Reports Issued

Friday 29th March
IA Bronze Practice