Primary Physical Education Department

Physical Education at MES Cairo plays a central role in the physical, mental and social development of our children.

Our inclusive PE curriculum provides students with widespread opportunities to participate in many sports and physical activities. These include team game activities such as touch rugby, netball, basketball and football; gymnastics and dance; problem solving and team challenges; swimming and water safety; and athletics. The department delivers high quality PE experiences in these areas, making use of the facilities we have on offer. These are; 5-lane 300m running track, all-weather basketball/netball court, sports hall, 25m swimming pool, grass field and multi-purpose indoor space. We have an extensive range of modern sports equipment for use in all lessons.
We focus on providing the children with opportunities to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding in a positive and enjoyable learning environment. Additionally, we aim to promote a healthy lifestyle to empower our children to strive towards being physically fit and active.

At Foundation Stage, children receive 30 minute PE lessons with a specialist twice
each week. The PE experience at Foundation Stage is focused on physical development and the developing of the routines that are required for everybody to be safe and successful in PE classes. Children get varied opportunities to be active and creative in different PE environments, using an array of equipment.
At Key Stage One, children receive two 45-minute PE lessons with a specialist each week. Here the focus is an extension of Foundation Stage. Children experience activities that will specifically develop agility, balance and co-ordination, whilst challenging and expressing themselves in different ways. Furthermore, children begin to work more with other students in pairs and small groups to build communication and co-operative skills, in preparation for team games.

At Key Stage Two, children receive one-hour lesson and one 30-minute PE lesson with a specialist each week. The focus at KS2 is to further develop basic skills that are essential in movement and game play. Children also learn how to evaluate their performance in order to be able to recognise their own success and strive to improve. Children will experience familiar activities at a higher level and acquire new skills in a variety of activities. They have a range of opportunities to collaborate and compete with each other.

Outside of lesson time there are numerous chances for the children to participate in sporting activities. Recreational activities are run daily at second break for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. KS1 activities allow the children to explore new equipment or develop agility, balance and co-ordination in game play. KS2 activities are team games that the children are familiar with from their lessons. Children are given free time to play these games as well as time to participate in friendly competitions for their House teams. These games are officiated by the children that have signed up to be chosen as a referee. The lunch clubs have a fantastic atmosphere and are a great way for the children to be active and most importantly, to have fun!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 13th March
Y8 GP Enterprise Celebration Event

Thursday 14th March
Secondary Sports Day

Sunday 17th March
World Book Day
Y6 Cyprus Parents’ Info Meeting

Sunday 17th to Tuesday 19th March
DP12 Oral Exams

Sunday 17 to Thursday 21st March
FS1 Family Week
Tuesday 19th March
DP11 AUC Visit – 8.30am-2.00pm
Wednesday 20th March
24 Hour Run

Thursday 21st March
FS1 Mothers’ Day/24 Hour Run Finale

Sunday 24th March

Sunday 24th March
Whole School Production Rehearsal

Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th March
Whole School Production

Wednesday 27th to Thursday 28th March
DP12 Final TOK Presentations

Thursday 28th March
Primary and Y7-9 and DP11 Term 2 Reports Issued

Friday 29th March
IA Bronze Practice