Graduate Profile


An MES Cairo graduate is :

An MES Cairo graduate can :

An MES Cairo graduate shows :

4 Confident 4 Communicate fluently in the English language 4 Integrity
4 Articulate 4  Intelligently express their views 4 Initiative
4 Flexible 4 Problem solve 4 Empathy
4 Pro-active 4 Lead by example 4 Excellent interpersonal skills
4 Reflective 4 Recognize personal strengths and passions 4 Appreciation of individuals’ rights and responsibilities
4 Principled 4 Relate well to others 4 Cultural awareness
4 Independent 4 Take appropriate risks 4 Respect for self and others
4 Resourceful 4 Make a difference 4 Global understanding
4 Resilient   4 Commitment to lifelong learning
4 Inspired 4 Understanding of the Egyptian culture and the Arabic language
4 Visionary  

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 29th January
Y5 Concert Technical Rehearsal – 9.30am

Wednesday 30th January
Y5 Concert Dress Rehearsal – 9.30am

Thursday 31st January
Y9 Target Setting Day 


Friday 1st to Monday 4th February
Y5 Nile Cruise Trip 1

Sunday 3rd February
Term 2 ASAs Begin

Sunday 3rd to Thursday 7th February
 IEP Mid-Year Reviews

Sunday 3rd to Monday 11th February
DP11 Mid-Year Assessments


Monday 4th to Thursday 7th February
 Y8 Global Perspectives Trip


Wednesday 6th February

 Y9-10 IG DT Fab Lab Visit


Friday 8th to Saturday 9th February

IA Practice Exhibition


Friday 8th to Monday 11th February

Y5 Nile Cruise Trip 2


Sunday 10th February

Peri Showcase – 1.30pm

Wednesday 13th February

Y/G 7-8 Spring Social, Y8 Global Perspectives Enterprise Event


Thursday 14th February

Y10-12/DP12 Term 2 Reports Issued


Sunday 17th February

Y7-9 Focus Week, Y10-12/DP12 Student Progress Mtgs (Parents)


Sunday 17th February

FS2 Production Technical Rehearsal


Monday 18th February

Y1/Y2 Sports Days, FS2 Production Dress Rehearsal


Tuesday 19th February

Y3/Y4 Sports Days


Wednesday 20th February

Y5/Y6 Sports Days, FS2 Production -12.30pm


Thursday 21st February

Graduation Gown Fitting


Sunday 24th to Thursday 28th February

G7-8 Week Without Walls  


Monday 25th February

All US Section Course Selections Due


Wednesday 27th to Sunday 3rd March

Senior Trip


Thursday 28th February

FS2/FS1 Sports Days


Thursday 28th to Tuesday 5th March

IA Expedition to Cyprus