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Secondary Physical Education

At MES Cairo, Secondary Physical Education runs from Grade/Year Seven through to Grade/Year Twelve. Students take Physical Education with their entire year group, be it part of the British or American section. Physical Education lessons are staffed with a ratio of roughly 1 teacher to 20 students. Although we assess our British Section students slightly differently than we do our American Section students, all Physical Education lessons are taught in the same manner.

The underlying focus of Physical Education is developing a sense of the importance of sustaining a healthy, active lifestyle into adulthood. In order to do this successfully, all students must gain an appreciation and enjoyment of at least one type of physical activity. In order to facilitate this discovery, the MES Cairo Secondary physical education curriculum offers an extremely diverse range of sports and activities to broaden student exposure.

The activities offered through PE include, but are not limited to; Volleyball, Badminton, Football (Soccer), Touch Rugby, Aussie Rule Football, Field Lacrosse, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Field Hockey, Handball, Athletics (track and field), Dance, Gymnastics, Trampolining, Resistance Training, Boxercise, and Swimming. The facilities at the avail of the Physical Education department are a football pitch, an outdoor court, a 300m all-weather track, a sports hall, a 25m swimming pool, a dance studio, a fitness centre and several multi-purpose halls.

Within each unit of physical education, a main focus is to develop an understanding of connections that exist between games of the same classification. Students will explore theoretical concepts about each game classification and the use of tactics and skill. The reasoning for this focus is that whether or not a student has mastered sport specific skills, if they possess a tactical understanding of, for example, invasion games, they will be set up for successful participation in all games within that classification. Students are also given the opportunity to experience different roles in a sporting, physical context. Along with ample practice opportunities for physical practice in lessons, students are guided to take on leadership and officiating roles regularly, both formally and informally.

An underlying theme that is present in all units taught is that of the understanding, development, monitoring and improvement of personal fitness. Theory surrounding skill and health based elements of fitness is taught, as are several body systems. Students draw connections between what types of activities will help to improve which elements of fitness and have many opportunities to reflect on and evaluate their own fitness levels. Students are constantly encouraged to seek to improve their fitness levels.

The use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) within the PE curriculum continues to grow. As well as communicating with students via Moodle, class sets of iPads are being used with an increasing frequency in PE lessons. Applications such as Ubersense and Dartfish allow our students to self-assess, peer assess and peer teach using video analysis of closed skills and tactical play.
Mr Andrew Koene – Secondary Head of Physical Education/Athletics Director


Upcoming Events

Wednesday 13th March
Y8 GP Enterprise Celebration Event

Thursday 14th March
Secondary Sports Day

Sunday 17th March
World Book Day
Y6 Cyprus Parents’ Info Meeting

Sunday 17th to Tuesday 19th March
DP12 Oral Exams

Sunday 17 to Thursday 21st March
FS1 Family Week
Tuesday 19th March
DP11 AUC Visit – 8.30am-2.00pm
Wednesday 20th March
24 Hour Run

Thursday 21st March
FS1 Mothers’ Day/24 Hour Run Finale

Sunday 24th March

Sunday 24th March
Whole School Production Rehearsal

Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th March
Whole School Production

Wednesday 27th to Thursday 28th March
DP12 Final TOK Presentations

Thursday 28th March
Primary and Y7-9 and DP11 Term 2 Reports Issued

Friday 29th March
IA Bronze Practice