Key Stage Two – Year Three through to Year Six

Key Stage Two

In Key Stage Two (Years Three to Six) we continue to inspire learning with a curriculum designed to develop children thinking skills through embedded technology and a variety of learning styles with specialist teachers for Computing, Music, P.E. and Art. Ongoing evaluation
and analysis ensures that our curriculum reflects the needs of our learners.

Our holistic approach includes a strong creative learning element. The Music Department boasts an outstanding choir and concert band, not to mention Samba bands, recorder groups and djembe drumming groups. Opportunities to study a musical instrument are maximised with our team of peripatetic music teachers. Concerts and musical or dramatic productions are an important part of every Year group, with a chance for parents and friends to share the enjoyment.

Primary children’s work exhibited as part of the whole school Art Exhibition, reflects the talents of the children but also those of the artist and fully trained teacher leading the Art Department. Primary children also contribute to the design of murals and stage sets.

An energetic Sports Department organises an exciting annual inter-house Sports Day, supported enthusiastically by the parents, in which all children take part. Participation in annual local and International sporting events is valued.

The curriculum additionally includes specialist French lessons in Key Stage Two. Each year culminates in a French Celebration Day where all children dress creatively and demonstrate their French speaking skills while enjoying French themed games and food.

All classes visit the library on a weekly basis, where librarians advise on reading choices and develop li-brary reading skills in relaxed, colourful surroundings. The emphasis on personal development is im-portant as children begin their journey towards the Graduate Profile. Lessons, assemblies and positions of responsibility are utilised to help guide this element.

Opportunities for creative and interactive extra-curricular activities provide fun way for further learning and development. Additionally, the Pioneers Programme which extends from Years Five and Six into the Secondary school provides a unique pathway for personal development and challenge to complete activities not offered elsewhere in the Primary curriculum.

From Year Four to Year Six, there are also opportunities for children to take part in local and international residential excursions including an environmental trip to Cyprus and an historical cruise on the World famous River Nile. These excursions enhance social skills, build
confidence and inspire application of learning. Independent learning is a key feature of Key Stage Two, where children are encouraged to organise and run events and activities.

Whether an in-house produced red-carpet film premiere, a performance at the Opera House, an inter-school Spelling Bee, the chance to be an anthropologist for the day, a letter to the Director or a story on the carpet, MES Cairo Primary Department offers the challenge of inspiring learning for every child.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 13th March
Y8 GP Enterprise Celebration Event

Thursday 14th March
Secondary Sports Day

Sunday 17th March
World Book Day
Y6 Cyprus Parents’ Info Meeting

Sunday 17th to Tuesday 19th March
DP12 Oral Exams

Sunday 17 to Thursday 21st March
FS1 Family Week
Tuesday 19th March
DP11 AUC Visit – 8.30am-2.00pm
Wednesday 20th March
24 Hour Run

Thursday 21st March
FS1 Mothers’ Day/24 Hour Run Finale

Sunday 24th March

Sunday 24th March
Whole School Production Rehearsal

Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th March
Whole School Production

Wednesday 27th to Thursday 28th March
DP12 Final TOK Presentations

Thursday 28th March
Primary and Y7-9 and DP11 Term 2 Reports Issued

Friday 29th March
IA Bronze Practice