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The Visual Arts plays a vitally important part in the creative life of students at MES Cairo. Students explore a range of 2D and 3D media across the course of their studies, and are encouraged to use these skills in the production of work that allows them to express their own context as young people living in Egypt. The images displayed on this page show the range of responses to a variety of themes.

The Art Department crosses all three sections of the Secondary school. All Grade and Year seven and Eight students take Art classes. British Section students are offered the option of IGCSE Art and Design in Years Nine and Ten and have the option of specialising in either Photography or Painting and Related Media. Our Year Eleven and Twelve students in the British section can opt to study AS and A2 Art and Design. In the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, students can study Visual Art at either Higher or Standard Level. Visual Art is an elective throughout the American High School Grades, and Advanced Placement (AP) Art is offered for our most talented Grade Eleven and Twelve students. Photography and Digital Visual Media is a popular elective amongst our Grade Twelve students.

We celebrate the creative talents of our students at our annual Whole School Art Exhibition. To open the event in 2014, renowned Egyptian artist Nazli Madkour was in attendance to inaugurate our Gallery and offer some inspirational words to our young artists. Plans are already afoot for an even bigger and better exhibition in May 2015! Additionally, the Art Department offers all students across the school the chance to become involved and be creative through the After School Activities (ASA) programme and competitions are held throughout the year. Art based After School Activities range from Photography to Ceramics. The department has been working with Oriental Weavers for two years to offer the students the chance to have a piece of their original artwork transformed into a rug. For this year’s whole school production of ‘Wicked’ the Art team ran a series of workshops with students to help design and build the set.

The Art Department this year continues to thrive under the creative inspiration of Mr. Simpson, Miss Tapsell, and Miss Lamia, and this year we welcome Miss Hedges and Mr. Myers to the team.

Ms Kim Tapsell – Secondary Head of Art

Upcoming Events

Monday 7th January
Coptic Christmas

Tuesday 8th January
First Day of Term Two

Tuesday 8th to Monday 21st January
DP12 Exams
Tuesday 8th to Tuesday 22nd January
Y10-12 Exams

Wednesday 9th to Monday 14th January
MUN - Prague

Sunday 13th to Thursday 24th January
US Secondary Elective Exams

Tuesday 15th January
Primary Student Progress Meetings with Parents

Wednesday 16th January
Y7 Global Perspectives Orienteering Trip 1

Thursday 17th January
Y7 Global Perspectives Orienteering Trip 2

Sunday 20th January
Y5 Trip Parents’ Meeting
Sunday 20th January
G8-10 IGP Assembly

Sunday 20th January
G9-12 Exam Assembly

Monday 21st to Thursday 31st January
G8-11 IGP Meetings

Wednesday 23rd January
Y/G8 Secondary Pioneers Service Trip – 10.00am

Wednesday 23rd January
G7-8 Transition Assembly for Parents – 1.45-3.00pm

Thursday 24th January
Y/G7 Secondary Pioneers Service Trip – 10.00am

Sunday 27th January
G9-12 Study Day

Sunday 27th January
Whole School e-Safety Focus Fortnight

Monday 28th January
Y7 Global Perspectives Carousel Day 1

Tuesday 29th January
Y7 Global Perspectives Carousel Day 2

Monday 28th January to Sunday 3rd February
G9-12 Mid-Year Exams

Tuesday 29th January
Y5 Concert Technical Rehearsal – 9.30am

Wednesday 30th January
Y5 Concert Dress Rehearsal – 9.30am

Thursday 31st January
Y9 Target Setting Day